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“Dia is a smart strategic thinker, but she doesn’t miss the human element. She gets people.”

  Jeremy, coaching client  

What Clients Say About Working with Dia

"After meeting with Dia, I left her office feeling really confident in my own direction… Dia definitely helped me feel like where I am is the right place to be and I have all the skills to thrive in where in I’m going."

"Perhaps my favorite quality about Dia is her incredible, deep, genuine sense of empathy… she has this wonderful ability to understand where you are and what you need in that moment."

Insightful, Illuminating, Non-Judgmental

"I think that one of the most amazing things about being coached by Dia is that her counsel seems so effortless that you feel as if you are talking to a friend, yet, her observations and advice are so insightful. She has a gift for illuminating your blind spots and helping you work through them while being gentle with yourself. She is non-judgmental and encourages you to be the same with yourself and with others. One of the most important things I walked away understanding is that 'maybe' is okay. It’s not necessary to rush to definitive answers in life and I can take my time and listen to my intuition."

Donna, Coaching Client

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