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Dia Draper is a sought-after master facilitator, negotiator, and speaker who delivers keynotes on topics ranging from resilience to entrepreneurship. 

She offers high energy, intelligence, and humor, deftly blending deep, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive.


Often described as a “warm spirit” with a gift for inspiring others to live with joy and intention, Dia has an uncanny ability to help others laugh at life’s absurd twists and discover the answer to her favorite question: “What’s your life about?”



Every speech is custom built for your group. Examples include:


The Power of Perspective

For general audiences


A customized version of Dia's audience-favorite TedX talk will inspire your audience to see the positive in life's challenges, heartbreaks, and disappointments. Dia's stories and research will motivate your group to consider that sometimes our setbacks can be our greatest comebacks. This session will help your audience change the way they approach adversity by engaging their sense of humor, sense of hope, and sense of possibility.


Dia challenges us all to believe that though we can't change what happens to us, we can change how we frame and respond to life's tough times. Her perspective will inspire your group to learn the essential ingredients of resilience to lead richer lives and guide their families, teams, or organizations through challenging situations.


Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

For educators, non-profits, and fundraising events


For many people, the goal is just to survive. For many, that is the daily achievement. But each of us has the power to create the life we desire with meaningful work, strong relationships, and continued growth.


In this seminar, Dia will walk you through the steps you can take to bring energy, enthusiasm, meaning, and joy to your life, work, community, and the world. Not only will you have fun, you will leave inspired to be an agent of change.


The Difference You Make (The Power of Giving a Damn)

For healthcare professionals


Dia shares her inspirational story about her journey to and through a late-stage cancer diagnosis. She’ll motivate your healthcare professionals with stories about the little things that caring individuals and teams do that make all the difference in attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes.


Your staff will feel connected to the mission of your organization as they listen to stories about all of the people who helped Dia on her journey to recovery and survivorship. Your audience will leave the presentation refreshed and inspired to strive for new levels of generosity and commitment.


Surviving You-niversity

For high school and college students


Dia uses humorous stories about her own experiences as a first-generation college student, globe trotter, and cancer survivor to share insightful lessons about resilience, diversity, and how to think about the large (and small) decisions that make the difference between success and struggle.


Her pearls of wisdom help students make empowered decisions in the face of personal challenges like social pressures, learning disabilities, relationships, and disadvantaged backgrounds. Dia’s questions and perspective will leave your students motivated to set higher goals for themselves and to become stronger leaders in their communities.


Work With Dia

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